> Recommended for Puppies of all Breeds.
Crude Protein
> Rich in fat and Chicken meat for extra taste.
Crude Fat
> Cooked with Rice for sensitive digestive systems
Crude Fiber
> With Antioxidants for an improved Metabolism.
> Supplemented with Vitamins and Minerals.
> No Artificial Colours or Flavours.
> Exceeds AAFCO standards.
(no BHT or BHA)

> A La Carte Gold Puppy Chicken & Rice is a 100% natural, healthy and nutritious dog food formula recommended for all size puppy breeds from 8 weeks old. Affordable; Great Taste, Firm Stool; Complete Nutrition for puppy; Real chicken meat and all natural ingredients.

Our highly affordable Puppy Chicken & Rice natural dog food formula now comes in 5kg & 18.14kg premium glossy paper bag.  Highly Recommended for all Breeders and all Large & Medium size Discount Pet  Care Stores.


I am writing to you regarding your Dog food range of A La Carte, I own 5 dogs, 4 of them I show - a Doberman, 2 Swedish Vallhunds and a Norwegian elkhound, I also have a foxy that does agility, all my dogs eat A La Carte "growth and vitality"

Your product is just perfect for my dogs it keeps them in top condition for the show ring and for agility, they are all at perfect weight and of perfect health.

I would like to thank you for making such an affordable quality product,  I have tried all the brands including the expensive ones for eg, Nutrience, hills science diet, Eukenuba, and your product is just better and at a better price, my dogs are also very fussy eaters and your product is the only one they will eat with enthusiasm.

I am the chief instructor of the local dog training club with over 600 members, and i change everyone over to your product, from people on the cheap and nasty brands to the ones using the over priced super premium brands such as hills etc. 

I Have done a lot of research into your ingredients compared to the other brands, as my show dogs are very expensive and rare animals and can only have the best diet. and your al la carte always comes out on top.

 My dogs and I would like to thank you again for such a great product.

Kindest Regards

Mrs Nicole Florczak

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