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A la carte

A la carte




Anne O'CONNOR - Breeder


JADE - Fur & Feathers Partner


Mr. SURESH - Paws and Claws wharehouse (Pet shop) owner


Dr Paul HEWITT – Afghan hounds Breeder – Riverstone NSW

“Congratulations on your Platinum product. Probably the best dry food we have used in our 40 years of dogs.”

Debbie KING –Breeder – Goulburn NSW

I am very happy with the dog food I purchased from you. All dogs are enjoying it and maintaining good weights and plenty of energy for running around on the farm. Their coat textures have remained unchanged which was a concern that I no longer have”

Julie DELRIEGO - German shepherd kennels- Bargo NSW

I have been using it for about 8 months i was using eukanuba since my two dogs were born.
 I show my two german shepherds the product is a great food when i changed it from eukanuba i have not found any differerence in their condition. My male dog still perform great in the show ring he is placed very high in the ring”


" I just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic service. I paid the below invoice on Monday and sent notification to you as requested. To my utter surprise my dog food was delivered to my home last night. I am absolutely blown away by your service and wanted to thank you and let you know.

My original idea was to buy only a bag of this food and eventually wean my new puppy onto other food that I could source locally in Canberra as I thought that this would be easier, however given your service I will definitely re-think my decision."

Meredith Nelson,

" « Hi. a friend put me on to A La Carte as my German shep was quite itchy, since starting your food his itching had decreased a lot , his coat is beautiful , he has put on weight, he is very very fussy and he ate the A La Carte straight away n looks for his tea now which is something he has never done , the fact it can be delivered is wonderful , thank you so much , as the lady I used to get it from has moved n he is doing so well in it I am very reluctant to change , thank you for your enquiry »"