Cat Litter

100% natural, highly absorbent clay granules that trap the liquid - the source of odor - inside, so they help to eliminate ammonia odors naturally.

Advanced odor control without fragrances or additives, making it the premium choice for allergic, finicky or overly sensitive cats.

Proven to minimize airborne dust, creating a healthier litter box environment for your cat.






Enviro Litter

100% Australian

Super absorbent clumping pet litter

Absorbs odors naturally

Environmentally friendly

Packing: 3x4kg



















Clumping Cat Litter


10kg & 20kg


Made from natural occurring Bentonite

Eliminate unpleasant odors

Stops waste spreading through litter

Clumps easily - Super absorbent

Maximizes pet hygiene

Discard waste in bin